Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ok, Ok, Ok...

So I noticed it's been a while, and people have reminded me that it has indeed been a while (Aldo!!), but I didn't realize it had been THAT long. When I read that my last post was over 5 weeks ago, I nearly spit coke all over my laptop. Thank goodness I didn't. Lots of things to talk about, and I know you're all excited to find out how my second quarter finished up. Let's get to it.

My mom and aunt came to visit during Studio Week, the week before my final critique where I meet one last time with my instructors, go over final designs and commense final production on all projects. I had about 12 different pieces of work to complete and was frantically worried about balancing project time with family time. Lyndsey and I had it all figured out. We would rent the guest apartment at our complex for our visitors (cheaper than a hotel), and when they were in bed, I'd be able to work all night. We booked it a month in advance, and when I went to pick up the key, all mouths dropped when we found out they had just rented it out to someone else that MORNING! I am Jason's Heart Attack. Nonetheless, they stayed with us, I worked and attended class in the morning, we toured the city during the day, and I worked after they went to bed. Ended up completing my projects a day early....go figure.

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